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“I feel very confident in the strategy and this program has motivated me and shown me the importance of growing investment portfolios”

Hi Patrick,

Financial success : Have grown initial $30k account to just over $40k since starting trading in May. This is despite the huge crash (experienced in my first real month of trading) and difficult market conditions due to elections etc we have faced this year.

I feel very confident in the strategy and this program has motivated me and shown me the importance of growing investment portfolios while developing the key mindset. I will hopefully diversify further into other investment streams of income in 2013 ie. property etc.

Cheers 21st Century, John and Patrick.



“I cannot get enough of this – I have found it really exciting!”

Hi Guys, I have now been trading for 6-months now in a market which has seen plenty of action.

Each month my returns have increased on the last and I have learnt a bit

I have been assigned twice which I was happy to take as I felt the stock prices would return. I noticed commentary about people panicking and BTC at a loss, but I thought , No, I will wait it out!

Both stocks have come right with no losses and even made $500 profit on one.

My goal now is to increase my trading capital and to try and make more profitable trades. I cannot get enough of this – I have found it really exciting.

Lance Brennan

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“You are a true role model and so generous with your time and energy”

Hi Jamie,

I have just watched this video by Janine and she is SO inspirational.

I wonder if she would talk at one of your 4 Day Events as she has such an amazing story to share. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

You Are Not Your Body: Janine Shepherd

You Are Not Your Body: Janine Shepherd at TEDxKC

Thanks for a great Business Academy over the weekend. You are a true role model and so generous with your time and energy. 21st Century has changed my life and opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities. I look forward to many more opportunities. Enjoy your weekend off to rest and recharge.




“I have never anticipated nor dreamt that such an email would be sent to me”

Hello Jamie,

It’s an honour to read this email in its entirety, I have never anticipated nor dreamt that such an email would be sent to me.

The free $997 Homestudy and $10, 000 First ‘Land‘ Owner Grant is something that tells me a lot about your gesture of generosity and help towards those who are eager to pursue their dreams of becoming rich and successful in life.

After reading the “Think & Grow Richbook co-authored by you, I am more than surprised to see that my “obsessed burning desire with my strong emotions” is what it is, even though dire poverty is my main struggle and fear, as I am struggling to meet my fees at university and living life below the poverty line.

My situation may seem challenging but my mindset is almost full to about 80% due to the wealth of knowledge received through reading your eBooks and emails ever since I enrolled as a member for the 21st Century Education. I have received some of the best entrepreneurship eBooks that I would never have owned or come across in my entire life and more than most Papua New Guineans would ever have afforded. I have read all of your eBooks. Two of my favourites are “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill modified by you, And “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” by you, Jamie McIntyre.

Thanks for sending all the emails from 21st Century Education, I’ve loved receiving them almost every day throughout 2011 and 2012.

Many thanks, for permitting me to be a subscriber for the 21st Century News as well.

I am so privileged and humbled at the same time to receive emails from a person of your calibre and from 21st Century Education as a whole.

Thankyou very much for this great offer.

Andrew J.K.



“Jamie McIntyre has completely changed my mind set, and makes me want to pursue my dreams”

After walking away from the evening with Jamie McIntyre I feel inspired to make more of everything I have made for myself now. I honestly didn’t learn much more then I didn’t already know, but he confirmed my ideas and gave me confidence in myself and everyone else.

As a 20 year old female, when I walked into the seminar I thought oh dear this is going to be like I am in school again, but I was definitely shocked I didn’t find my mind wandering for a moment of it, I only wish I had that outlook on life, about investing and more about living in the ‘real world’ in school. He is an excellent public speaker, everything he spoke about had a valuable lesson or moral to consider and it wasn’t like a boring lecture, it was fun and mind stimulating!!!
I cannot emphasize how Jamie McIntyre has completely changed my mind set, and makes me want to pursue my dreams.

The realists financial strategies are clear to understand and have given me an insight on something I had little to no knowledge about, it’s been 3 days since I attended the seminar, so I can’t say much other then my outlook on life has changed, but ask me two years from now and I will owe credit to Jamie McIntyre with however far I have gotten.

Rebecca S

Email “Just got another property and way under the asking price”Hi Jamie,

Got some news Just got another property and way under the asking price in a very very good location in melb, been using some property tips that I picked up from the event ( Financial Education Summit held in Melbourne with 6500 attendees featuring Richard Branson )last year.




“21st Century has given me the tools I need to become successful”

Dear Jamie,

Firstly I would like to commend you for starting an education system that helps those who want to make a significant difference in their lives. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I already had some of the mindset needed to be successful. I have long been a big believer that in order to get what you want in life you must first help others achieve what they want in life. This philosophy has so far held me in good stead in regards to business and my relationships with people.

Since starting your program 4 months my business which is 18 months old has gone from $280,000 to being on track for $896,000 with me only actively working 2 days a week. The 21st century has given me the tools I need to become successful. One of my goals is to be a millionaire by the time I am 29 (I am currently 25) I want this for many reasons to which I won’t go into detail about now.

Yours Enthusiastically

Emmett D.

Seek and Compare Insurance Pty Ltd


“I have always believed in following your dreams and never giving up”

Hey Jamie McIntyre,

How are you? I hope things are going well for you.

My name is Josh. I have been reading and following about this 21st century education system now for about a year. I guess the main reason I am emailing you today is to ask a few questions.

I have actually only just turned 18 yesterday so thought why not get started now?

When I was about 13 years old I started my own company, very small and a beginner’s idea but hey it was worth a shot, from then on I have had a huge fascination in how people make money and how other successful people have made it.

You are one of them Jamie and man what can I say I am inspired greatly. I have always believed in following your dreams and never giving up. I grew up in a small little town in New Zealand where people always told me you can’t do that and don’t be stupid, but hey I am here to prove them wrong!

Anyway it would be great to have a chat with you sometime; maybe we could talk via Skype or the phone?

I would love to hear back from you Jamie,

Take care for now man.

Josh H.


“The speakers were very insightful and enlightening and I found it well worth attending”

To Whom it may concern,

I attended the 21st Century Financial Summit in Brisbane this weekend and I would like to thank you for a wonderful three days.

The speakers were very insightful and enlightening and I found it well worth attending.
I would like to especially thank the staff and crew for their professional attitude, approachability and their vast knowledge on so many subjects and topics.

Special thanks to those people behind the product tables for their assistance with my questions and also for a young man in a blue shirt by the name of Shaun who was manning one of the information and sign up tables that I pestered on a regular basis for hand-outs while the presenterswere speaking, Each time he greeted me with a smile and went out of his way to assist me.

I found them all helpful, charming, polite, approachable and friendly, willing to have a laugh and a joke when I felt like my brain was too full of information (especially in those moments when my head was so full of ideas and information that I was having problems articulating what I actually wanted) they were wonderful and patient.
I also witnessed this behaviour as they spoke to many people, going out of their way on many occasions to do what they could to assist.

Also special thank you to Goro Gupta, whom I have been communicating with via phone and emails for several weeks. I have found him to be a very enlightened and a knowledgeable man, who has assisted me with many of my enquiries and who greeted me at the seminar with wonderful enthusiasm.

I feel Goro has gone out of his way on many occasions to assist me and help guide me with my requirements and has made many helpful suggestions that I was not aware of. Over the weekend he assisted me with many question enquiries with honesty, insight and enthusiasm. He is a credit to your organisation.

Goro, like all your staff and crew at the 21st Century Financial Education Summit, (I understand were all busy and were juggling many tasks), yet Goro, the Staff and Crew did not hesitate to stop and assist me when I needed them.

The staff and crew you had at the Summit were exceptional and a definite credit to your company;21 Century Education.
I would gladly nominate them for any in-house staff recognition programs that you have.

Thank you once again for a wonderful educational 3 days.

Yours Sincerely
Dannie-Marie Dean
Beenleigh Qld


“Your story inspired me to follow my dreams and turn it into a reality!”

Hey Jamie McIntyre,

Another brilliant article mate! Re: Rich, poor or middle class? This has everything to do with it

Your opinion is valued. You speak nothing but the truth about our ignorant government leaders and their negative attitudes toward the real producers of our great country!

Your story inspired me to follow my dreams and turn it into a reality!

I typed this email from Thailand…. A place only a few short years ago I would have never believed I could have visited.

Thank you for being a champion for the wealthy people of Australia!

Keep up the awesome work.

Best regards,
Clayton Farmer
Landscape Architect & Property Investor


“I am so blown away at the direction my life is now going down”

Hi Goro,

Just a quick word to say thank you to yourself, Lou, Sylvana, Rob and Jamie McIntyre for all your help, encouragement and especially the inspiration so far.

I received the Homestudy course last Friday and that evening I watched the first DVD. I couldn’t put it down, so much so that I continued to watch nearly all 11 DVD’s by Monday (today).

I am a true believer and want to say that Jamie McIntyre has restored my faith in the human race. Even though it has only been three days since starting the course, so far I have gained such clarity and true vision for my future. I thought I was a positive person but would allow external factors and wrong emotions to bring me down – I didn’t understand why until listening to Jamie McIntyre. I had so many ‘ahah’ moments on Friday night that just grew over the weekend, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Reflecting back now I can honestly say that I had the best three days of my new life so far. I have gained such an understanding of mindset and realisation that I could not help but to reflect it on those around me.

Through my newly gained clarity and direction I have managed to resurrect my relationship with my partner (which was heading for separation) – this alone was major and is worth its weight in gold. But it didn’t stop there, my kids got inspired through my newly found self that they too have also gained a hunger to want to know and learn more. The icing on the cake was yesterday when we went to contract for the sale of our investment property. All exciting stuff, yay!!!

I am so blown away at the direction my life is now going down, I truly & sincerely believe in my heart that if you put it out there, so much more comes back to you in return.

I am just starting my journey and so far the foundations are looking very

Warmest and sincere regards,
Tracey Taylor


“gone the extra mile to support us promptly and effectively”

From our experience, 21st Century Team US Property Division have gone the extra mile to support us promptly and effectively. Being novices this was a huge stepping stone and seemed overwhelming at first, but 21st Century held our hand the whole way through the process.

In hindsight glad we didn’t do it alone! We are looking at acquiring a second US property in September 2012. Thanks guys!
Jessica Beyers and Cory Ebenestelli.


“Your book is not only inspiring, it’s invigorating and encouraging”

Thank you so much for your kind email, I wish to sincerely send my deepest appreciation.
I downloaded those books of lessons and began voraciously reading them day and night. I must admit though that I am still on the later part of your book “101 Lessons from Jamie McIntyre” for that I am particularly so grateful.

I am in Malaysia now and hoping against hope as well as prayerfully looking forward to attending your conference this coming September.

Your book is not only inspiring, it’s invigorating and encouraging as well as gives so much hope to hopeless (seems there’s not enough words to vividly describe/define my feeling of gratefulness).

May God Almighty bless you thousand-folds as you bless so many people, as well as keep you in His divine protection.

In Jesus’ Mighty name,


“I have really enjoyed them as I am sure hundreds of others have as well”

Hi Jamie McIntyre,

I have been reading through a couple of your books over the past week or two (What I wish…, Time Rich, etc). I really like the content of the books – thank you for writing them.

Fantastic work. I have really enjoyed them as I am sure hundreds of others have as well.
James Buchanan


“Your work has changed the way I think and view the world”

Hi Jamie McIntyre

I just wanted to write you an email to say thanks for your program and home study and I wanted to let you know what we’ve done since we signed up in 2008, did the Homestudy and attended our first 4 day event.

Since that time, we’ve spent a significant time working on our mindset and building our ‘team of advisors‘. We’ve setup a corporate trusteeself managed super fund and used that to setup a JV to a hybrid trust which enabled us to buy an investment property. The property we’re finding some challenges with rising strata fees (older building) but overall, the property has ~5% rental yield and excellent prospects for capital growth. Since then we’ve also become Property Direct members, attended workshops and events as wells as studying homestudies and looking to get into development.

I have read so many books and attended the course that I felt I was well positioned to know what questions to ask and how to begin building our structures and team. I credit your training to understanding how to think critically about everything and what questions I need to be asking.

I’ve also read at least 30 books on the subject of investing, personal development and the like over the years but I don’t think I thought seriously about applying any of it until I read your first book, “What I didn’t learn in school but wish I had”. That book and your Homestudy and 4 day program, has basically combined the best of everything I’d read, seen or studied both past and present – and made it applicable in a very condensed volume. I know at least one person who has followed youradvice who put me onto the program and was able to stop working because they had to (he now owns 3 houses and trades shares and basically does contract work). Finally seeing what was possible (and BELIEVING it is possible) helped me to pursue this path.

Your work has changed the way I think and view the world. As the song goes “life will never be the same again”!
My partner has used her pregnancy to change career paths and follow her dreams of becoming more involved in the fitness industry (as a PT and gym instructor) and I’m already working as an IT Security Consultant and quite passionate about my field and love my job as it is, so I’m pretty happy. However we’re now looking to build up more cash flow and focus on the other pillars (so to speak) so we can have kid #2 and be a bit more free with our time so work really becomes more of a choice rather than a necessity. I think the buy-and-hold is way too slow for my liking so I need to speed things up. I recently attended the 4 day event in Melbourne this month just to give me a kick in the pants again.
I am a big fan of your company, your work and yourself. Please keep up the good work – sorry for the long email. I also wanted to say thanks for everything. You’ve taught us how to look at things in a completely different way and I definitely put you in the same basket as Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Ferriss, Anthony Robbins as one of the big influences on my life.

Best regards,
- Jarrod Loidl


“I have successfully acquired passive income assets”

Hi! To all 21st Education Members,

I´m proudly a member of the 21st Century Educational system. Like many people I am very unhappy with my financial status and have been lacking the knowledge to achieve financial liberty or even financial security. I know many successful people around me, but I have never been good at acquiring the certain skills that they show.

I myself have always been a person that likes to know the process from A to B to C, and was always a bit jealous of people that could go from A to C in their financial life. A few months ago I stopped making excuses about my financial status, just for the easy reason that many people seem to be wealthier and getting wealthier as time passes and I was currently at the time just standing still. My background is simple I’m a 27 year old student that has financial difficulties (Just as ‘the system’ planned for me to do in life) get educated and get a good job and be in debt for the rest of my life.

After reading many books of financial stability and how to achieve financial freedom, I understood that my whole mentality had to change and for one, invest in what I wanted to learn and a means to get to the goal that I wanted to achieve.

Once I had the desire of change I started researching the internet and many other means to get educated, Since I live in Colombia and our spoken language is Spanish you could imagine that most of the knowledge is in English and I saw one of Jamie McIntyre’s videos, I started to count theassets that I have and I had most of them, and the most important one was DESIRE.

After carefully selecting the course (I chose the 21st Education Program) I have found that four months later I have successfully acquired passive income assets that are covering my education and even greater I have acquired a trading course to substitute my current active income.

I´m deeply grateful to 21st Century Education and I do not regret the investment, I think I would have regretted it more if I didn´t. Some people that say that the course does not work well I think it is because they don’t put it in to action. The real estate and the tax benefits systems can actually be applied to the Colombian system I just have to find the Colombian equals in products I’m learning, teaching and most importantly, happy with my minimal but current success, I say this because I haven´t yet started to tap into my full potential. Even so far away the principals are the same.

Again Thanks to 21st Century and Especially Sylvana Haidar and Lou Harty

Of course it´s creator Jamie Mcintyre
From Marco ask


“Well done for being an excellent role model for a new education system”

Dear Jamie McIntyre

I downloaded and read your book “What I didn’t learn at school but wish I had” yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m surprised and touched by the way you openly share specific life andfinancial strategies that are valuable in what was, for me, a free download. I’m a believer in Bucky Fuller’s “more is less” philosophy and you are truly demonstrating that.

Your story and how you are sharing and teaching others to become financially free strongly resonates with me. Over the last decade I have been following a similar path attending seminarsand sharing my life with the likes of Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, etc In fact, I currently Coach for Harv.

I have a multi-million dollar property portfolio, though I feel like I have been a little ‘stuck’ the last few years as I have focused on other areas. I feel like I have not tapped into the full investmentpotential that I’m capable of and I want to address that now. Recently, I have been talking with people from Tom Wheelwright’s company – as you probably know, Tom is Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA and I have been wanting to look at getting involved in purchasing property in the USA for the last 18 months. However, my focus came onto 21st Century Education after watching a video on the incredible Nik Halik. After reading your book and looking over your web-sites, I feel I may resonate more closely with your journey and where you and 21st Century Education is heading.

I do like the idea of your Platinum Club though it may not work for me this coming year as apart from Coaching, being a property investor, and running a New Zealand Water Plant, I am an Airline Captain based in Hong Kong. That normally has restrictions on my scheduling and is starting to ‘restrict’ where I am heading. So, as much as I love flying, I see my Airline career has an expiry time in the near future as I take on becoming a more full time entrepreneur.

I’d like to become more involved with 21st Century Education and will join your Home study program to begin with.

I’m excited to see where this will go…

Well done for being an excellent role model for a new education system and I look forward to being part of your journey.

Yours Sincerely
Les Gordon, Director, Be Your Best


“the cherry on the cake came from your words (teachings)”

Jamie McIntyre,

My admiration for your thoughts started a couple of weeks ago when I casually watched one of your seminars introduced by you before bringing other stars to deliver a speech and give a chance for the plebe to improve their survival skills with your teachings. But the best teaching so far, has been analysing your wisdom and lately, Sir Richard’s through your e-book gift titled “101 Lessons I Learnt From Richard Branson”.

I am 62 years old and for the first time in my life (although with no money) I am trying to buy a “Job” (Franchise) after becoming delusional with my trade of 47 years.

I am not a business person, thus, courage to step into such an unknown path came from watchingvideos and reading all sorts of stories about business entrepreneurs. But the cherry on the cake came from your words (teachings) and finally from your gift today.

Thanking you indeed for your precious donations

Warmest Regards
Ariel Tendeiro


“Thanks a bunch for your advice”

Hi Goro,

Jesse King here mate. Just a quick text to let you know I’ve decided to can (resign from) my job once work runs out in a couple of months. The office politics at this place are something I don’t want to get involved in. Thanks a bunch for your advice the other day, I was able to secure 2 months work to see me through to another job with your advice.

Cheers mate!
Jesse King


“I take the inspiration out of your article”

Thank you Jamie McIntyre,
I like the attitude required behind being successful at anything in life. In today’s world passive actions nearly don’t count for a cent.

I take the inspiration out of your article and apply to other existing situations in my life, where I need to take command where needed and stop being a passive carefree forgiving forgetter. I am in the process of selling my existing home and buying a new one, a decision long pending, needing just a small boost to come from articles such as the one I just read!

Thanks again


“In the end only YOU are the one stopping yourself from living the life that you deserve”

Hey Goro,

This Homestudy is the best thing I have watched since the Financial Summit in Melbourne last year. It has given me the chance to change my life and my mindset for the better. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting more to buy this awesome product. I have been able sell ebooks online and offer other services to do with editing!

Word of advice, don’t buy this product if you think you’re going to get rich quick! It is not used for that. For you to get the results you want you need to take action and believe in yourself and in the end only YOU are the one stopping yourself from living the life that you deserve!

If it hadn’t been for Goro Gupta telling me I need this trust me I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this!

Thank you once again for making me see that this is what I needed!

Warmest regards
Heidi Willis


“Thank you so much for allowing US to take part in this fantastic opportunity”

Hello Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education team,

My husband and I read, with very much interest, an email you sent, (Re: Rich, poor or middle class? This has everything to do with it), it is absolutely correct, in our opinion.
My husband works very hard at his job, and currently due to mortgage, expenses etc; we are not well off at this time, however we certainly do not begrudge the successes of those people like Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer and other successful people. Good on them for achieving everything they have!

My husband and I are very keen to learn everything we can from people like you; we have the strong desire to make changes and improve our financial future, but in order to make that a reality we understand we do need to learn everything that we can from those who have done it, and those who currently are doing it (such as you all!).

One of the many things we have learnt from Quang, the lovely consultant we’ve been speaking with, and this particular thing has really astonished us: is that we are basically throwing too much money at the worst possible mortgage. We thought we were “doing the right thing” in paying more than the required amount on the mortgage (which currently is a P&I – principle and interest loan); but gosh, after having been enlightened by Quang, I realise how foolish we were!

We were just throwing money away, almost literally, and for what? This is just one of the many things that, until recently, we just did not know. In my opinion, everyone should at least get to know that, and if they haven’t done so already, get their home loans restructured so that the Big Bank is getting less, and the people have more money they can save/invest or whatever.

Of course the bank wouldn’t like it too much, I daresay, but the people will start becoming better off, especially if they invest time into their financial education (by reading books or even better, subscribing to your team) – they will learn all the strategies needed to make their lives and that of their kids, if they have any, much better off over time. I thank you all for your updates and definitely look forward to lapping up all the info and knowledge you’re willing to teach us.

We’re also in the progress of becoming members and taking advantage of the Acacia Bankslandbanking opportunity as well!

Thank you so much for allowing US to take part in this fantastic opportunity :)

Kind Regards,
Narelle Foad



“I found it to be very inspiring”

Hi Jamie McIntyre,
I’m a 21st century member, how you doing?

I’ve been watching your Homestudy DVD’s I found it to be very inspiring I’ve already taken action and cut my spending down. It’s great to see all the great things you have been doing, make a wish day; good on you!
See you at a Homestudy seminar.
David Longo


“We will now be ready to make a difference to our life”

Hi Lou Harty & Jamie McIntyre

As you know we have been attending your seminars & making progress with our lives and financial awareness.
To date we have:
Purchased our 21st Century Education Home-study
Have watched it twice & completed the exercises (frightening)

Attended & participated in:
4 Day Education For Life Program (Gold Coast & Brisbane)
Internet and Business Mastery Seminar (Gold Coast)
21CA Property and Finance 2 Day Workshop (Brisbane)
21CA Property presentations (Brisbane)
21CA E-Minis Presentation (not workshop) (Brisbane)
Think and Grow Rich for the 21st Century (Brisbane)
Anthony Robbins 2 Day Workshop & Fire-walk (Sydney)
We purchased the tickets one week prior to Jamie McIntyre’s special offer
Read all of Anthony Robbins’s books and many tapes regularly
Created a budget allowing us to eliminate 95% of our debt, have our first ever holiday & pay for:
Jenny Amarto’s Web business
Attended her 4 day workshop (Gold Coast)
Slowly establishing our web business
Justin Herald’s Program (paid over 12 weeks but not yet
Read several of Jamie McIntyre’s Books

We are especially grateful for all the physical gifts that Jamie McIntyre has offered us, Books &MagazinesProducts, and access to other Programs!

We have learnt a lot over the past two years, in fact we discovered, and believe, that it is not only possible it is our right and responsibility to gain independent financial freedom so that we can truly help others – but to do this we have to be alive.

We always thought our priority goal was to obtain financial freedom – we have discovered that this is not our first priority – our first priority is to become healthy again – something we lost when we lost our financial stability 15 years ago.

We will now be ready to make a difference to our life – it will not be easy but nothing worthwhile is. We have adjusted our pain and pleasure centers.
Sharon & John Meredith



“Owe my financial AND personal success to the education I started with 21st Century”

I must say I really owe my financial AND personal success to the education I started with 21st Century.

3 years ago I owned small properties and owed about $200K. I did consider selling them and pocketing the profit. My personal life was just plodding along and I wondered if and how I would have enough to retire with enough money to live a modest life.

Now, with the learning’s through 21st Century, I have a line of credit that serves me very well and pays all the bills (of course rent keeps topping it up).

I have embraced the whole concept of wealth as not simply being about money but about, asJamie McIntyre says, your whole way of thinking.

I now regularly go to the gym (I am nearly 60), I have been travelling and plan to do more and I have made up 100 of my personal goals, of which I have achieved over 30 in three short years.

The hard part for me was working out what I wanted to do. After I settled on property the rest was easy. I will add that I did dabble in shares and Forex (foreign money exchanges), but I am settled and committed to property. I think this is a purely personal choice. I urge anyone to look seriously at their life and take on board the teachings of 21st Century. It will not simply change your life, it will MAKE your life, and one that you previously were too afraid to even dream about.

Currently, I play saxophone in a band (my dream since 20 years of age) I fly model helicopters and still find time to run a business and, attend to family commitments and enjoy “down-time” with my wife.

I wake up every morning eager to do something else and my new outlook on life makes even mundane and boring tasks a pleasure to tackle.

21st Century got me started on a fantastic journey.
21st Century Member


“I have gone from sleeping on my mum’s lounge room floor to being one of the most successful people I know”

Dear Jamie McIntyre and the crew at 21st Century Education

First of all I would like to say a big thanks to all of you because you have truly helped me change my life. I hope my story makes you happy that your work really is changing people’s lives and can inspire more people to do the same. So here I go….

It was December 7th 2008, the day after my 24th birthday. My life wasn’t going too well at this point but this was the day everything changed. I had been dumped a few months earlier and wasn’t coping with it at all. I had lost my job as a brickies labourer about a month before that, I had no money and was sleeping on a mattress on my mum’s lounge room floor. My car was about to be repossessed, the rego on my car was a month overdue and I had a couple of days until I had to go hand in the licence plates. I had managed to get myself into over $35000 debt. I had no money in my bank account and nothing at all to show for the past 5 years of hard work. I remember lying there thinking “this is all too hard”. Nothing was going right for me and I couldn’t see any way out of this huge mess.
That night I made a promise to myself that I would work as hard as I could for 1 year to get out of this mess. If in a year nothing had changed I would just give up. I had nothing to lose.

With my new found motivation I found a new job as a brickies labourer within a week. But I knew that a job alone wasn’t going to be enough to get me to my goal, I knew I had to try something different.

A good friend handed me a book “What I Didn’t Learn at School But Wish I Had by Jamie McIntyre“. I read this book from cover to cover, and then I borrowed Jamie McIntyre’s other booksfrom friends of mine and read those too. Soon after that I was off to the library to borrow thebooks that Jamie had made reference to in his books. I was a man obsessed, I couldn’t get enough. Then when I found out the 21st Century crew were heading to town I had to get myself there. I attended the 21st Century seminar and then attended seminars by other people including Matt Brauning and Carly Crutchfield. I became a bit of a seminar junkie but I knew I had to learn as much as I could.

Ten months after first picking up Jamie McIntyre‘s first book I bought my first property, no money down! I now rent out that property and it is practically paying itself off. 5 months after that, I started up my own small bricklaying business which I ran on weekends and within 3 months I quit my job and I now work for myself in my own business full time. In less than 2 years I have gone from sleeping on my mum’s lounge room floor to being one of the most successful people I know. It doesn’t stop here, I’m going to continue learning as much as I can from great people like you!