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If your child struggles with maths, there are various ways to improve their skills. One effective approach is through math tutoring, which can help students understand the subject better and develop their problem-solving abilities. Math tutors offer individualized instruction and help students work through problems at their own pace, which can make learning more enjoyable and manageable. Additionally, math tutoring builds confidence in students who might otherwise feel discouraged or struggle with low self-esteem. At Ignite, we offer in-person and online math tutoring in Sydney, as well as coding courses for kids. Our tutors provide personalized attention and work with students on specific topics they find challenging. With our help, your child can master their math skills and even begin to enjoy the subject!

Our site has acquired the business FontFile in 2022



5 May 2022

21 Century Education Acquires and Buys Fontfile

This now places 21 Century Education as a market leader in downloadable education tools in the growing vocational education market and Australian Training Management adult education niche.

Sydney, May 5th 2002. 21 Century Education, a quality online education provider, has acquired FontFile, a downloadable education tools leader since 2005. The official announcement was made today in Sydney. The move to acquire Fontfile first started when the match and synergy between the two businesses became clear to directors at 21 Century Education. The process took several months and the deal was signed 5 May 2022.

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